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Apple Pencil 1st Generation for iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro

Apple Pencil 1st Generation for iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro

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The 1st gen Apple Pencil takes your iPad and blows it out towards all new possibilities. Built to be compatible with Apple iPad, iPad Air and iPad Pro, it brings the precision of conventional writing back to the game, and adds tons of features into it. From multiple nib styles to strokes that change their intensity per your grip, bring in control and effects in your magic on the iPad.

  • Apple Pencil gives realistic experience of writing on Apple’s digital console which is compatible with Apple Pencil (1st Generation).
  • Apple Pencil is the most responsive and gives the best writing experience to users.
  • Apple pencil makes users feel like handwritten characters which turns your Apple iPad into a notepad, canvas, slate or even user can assume many more.
  • Apple pencil can be connected through Bluetooth and the lightning connector of the device.
  • It has a magnetically attached cap to be safe and protected. Pencil has a diameter of 8.9mm.
  • Apple Pencil is compatible with iPad (6th generation and above model of Apple iPad), iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad Pro 12.9 inches (1st and 2nd generation), iPad Pro 10.5 inches, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad mini (5th generation).


Write by your iPad

No more losing expensive things. It's designed to be magnetically attachable to the side of your iPad, for you to never lose sight or reach of it. Simply take it out, use it, and put it back in. It’s also built to wirelessly pair and charge alongside your device once connected. As it takes power from your iPad, you wouldn’t have to watch over yet another charger for it.


Accuracy and precision

With the Apple Pencil, every single detail is right there. Its precise control and mechanics make it easy to create both small and large modifications to your work. Create 3D models and sketches with maximum precision. It's also designed to pick up your strokes as soon as you write them. Things appear on your screen with virtually zero delay.


The pencil is mightier than the rest

The Apple Pencil has several in-built features that allow you to mix and match your writing style with ease and accuracy. Tighten and loosen your grip as needed, to make dark and lighter strokes respectively. Slant it to create yet another stroke on your screen. With an Apple pencil in hand, every stroke is perfect, every stroke is magical.


Product specifications




H2.5 x W5.6 x D22.1mm

Model name / number

Apple Pencil, 1st Generation






1 Year Apple Warranty

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