Apple at Your workplace

Without pausing to charge during the day, work on all of your projects simultaneously with apps that operate more quickly while finishing that email you started on your iPhone.

New Chip, New Story

The game was altered with the M1 chip. Additionally, the M2 chip offers even greater performance and energy efficiency.

M2 on a MacBook Air can reach up to

13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 insurance up to

The M2 chip allows for SUPER FAST multitasking

You get great speed with Apple silicon's unified memory design, which also makes multitasking between several apps superfluous.

Changing apps are effective. the entire world, too

Improve the way you complete tasks. For those who use their smartphones at work, there are tens of thousands of apps available in the App Store, and Apple devices are built with cutting-edge technology that brings out the best in everyone. Apps can help you with daily work, improved customer interactions, and more productive business practice's. Or, for endless possibilities, create unique apps for all Apple platforms.

Utilize built-in technology to drive your company and bend reality

Future business trends are being shaped by Apple technologies. Employees can use augmented reality to remotely examine designs, machine learning to monitor industrial equipment, and Siri to streamline operations.


Incredibly SECURE right out of the box

Your personal information is kept private, malware and viruses are prevented from harming you, and Touch ID keeps your passwords close at hand.

Information about the company is carefully protected

Through MDM's additional controls and built-in security features, IT can manage and safeguard corporate data once devices are configured. Apps using shared frameworks can be configured and have parameters managed continuously.

Keep work data secure

Through MDM, IT can enforce and monitor security policies. For instance, on iOS and iPadOS devices, requiring a passcode via MDM automatically activates Data Protection, providing the device with file encryption. To secure all data at rest, FileVault encryption on a Mac can also be enabled by an MDM policy. Additionally, MDM can be used to deploy certificates and configure VPN and Wi-Fi for increased security.

Make it distinct, easy, and secure

Without the use of containers, MDM systems enable granular device management, protecting corporate data. In order to prevent attachments, documents, or pasteboard from being opened or pasted into unmanaged destinations, IT can apply limits using Managed Open In. Additionally, built-in security features in macOS enable IT to encrypt data, safeguard against malware, and enforce security settings without the use of external applications.


The MOST Creative businesses use Mac.

84 percent of the best innovators in the world, including SAP, Salesforce, and Target, use Mac extensively.

The computer that is EASIEST to handle

With zero-touch deployment and mobile device management, IT can provision and deploy Macs in 5 minutes.

Whether your business has ten or ten thousand devices, Apple integrates seamlessly into your current infrastructure. With zero-touch deployment, IT can remotely configure and manage while also customising the setup for any team. Each Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV is therefore ready to use right away.

With Apple Business Manager, you are in charge

You may administer iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV with the aid of the web-based Apple Business Manager platform. Additionally, you can set up device enrollment, distribute apps, books, and software, and provide employees easy access to Apple services from a single location.

More professionals trust MAC

Speak with your management about giving Professional the option to use a Mac.

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