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AirPods (3rd generation) with MagSafe Charging Case

AirPods (3rd generation) with MagSafe Charging Case

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AirPods have a curved design and are small and light. They're perfectly positioned for comfort and sound transmission to your ear. The stem is 33% shorter than the second-generation AirPods and features a force sensor for easy music and call control.  


Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking

Sound is spread all around you to give a genuine, three-dimensional listening experience for music, TV programmes, and movies. AirPods use gyroscopes and accelerometers to detect your head motions, making it sound like you're in the middle of songs and situations. 

Adaptive EQ

Music is automatically adjusted to your ear's shape. Inward-facing microphones detect what you're hearing and adjust low- and mid-range frequencies to express the song's full spectrum of subtlety.

Longer battery life

AirPods have an extra hour of battery life as compared to AirPods 2nd generation, enabling for up to 6 hours of listening time and up to 4 hours of talking time.

When necessary, an improved skin-detecting sensor turns AirPods on or off correctly, conserving battery life. You can obtain approximately an hour of listening or talking time with just 5 minutes of charging.

Meanwhile, the MagSafe Charging Case has a battery life of over 30 hours and works with both MagSafe and wireless chargers.

Sweat and water-resistant

The AirPods and the MagSafe Charging Case are both IPX4 water-resistant, allowing them to withstand anything from rain to intense workouts.

Magical in every way

It's simple to set them up: just take them out of the case and they're ready to go.You don't have to think about switching between your Apple devices. 

The in-ear detecting system can tell the difference between your ear and other items. You may have Siri read your alerts through your AirPods using Announce Notifications with Siri.

With Audio Sharing, you and your partner may easily share a song or show between any two pairs of AirPods.

Product Specifications

Accessories Included

Wireless Charging Case, Lightning to USB-A Cable


H1 headphone chip


Dual optical sensors/Motion-detecting accelerometer/Speech-detecting accelerometer


40.5 mm x 16.5 mm 



Single Charge Battery Life

 Up to 6 hours of listening time


 Bluetooth 5.0




1 Year Apple Warranty


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