All You Need To Know About MacBook Air M2
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All You Need To Know About MacBook Air M2

29 Oct 2022


 The all-new MacBook Air with M2 chip remains the latest addition to Apple’s MacBook Air lineup. The capabilities of the M2 chip will change the ball game altogether. MacBook Air M2 packs in the industry-leading performance in its notebook-style compact finish. This lightweight machine is a powerhouse for your day-to-daybeds and applications. 

The MacBook Air is equipped with the all-new M2 chip along with macOS Ventura. Industry-leading M2 chip is going to redefine technology. Take a dive into the most powerful and efficient CPU & GPU ever made by Apple at the fraction of power. MacBook Air with M2 chip is the most powerful 13” notebook ever.





CPU PERFORMANCE: M2 Chip with 8 Core CPU is 18% faster than M1. So you can get things done quickly, like preparing documents and presentations or tackle more difficult activities like coding in Xcode or mixing songs in Logic Pro with Spatial Audio with the advanced capabilities of M2

GPU PERFORMANCE: M2 has up to 10 core GPU which delivers a big boost in graphics performance as compared to first-generation M1. It is capable of doing everything - from photo editing to editing videos in 4K & 8K quality. It is up to 35% faster also. It also boasts the support of ProRes video encode and decode.

16 CORE NEURAL ENGINE: 16 specialised cores are functioning as a Neural Processing Unit (NPU). Apple has dedicatedly provided 16 Core Neural Engines for Machine Learning (ML) & task related to Artificial Intelligence (AI).


All-new Apple MacBook Air with M2 chip is available in 4 gorgeous colours:

The products are designed keeping Earth in mind. The new MacBook Air is using 100 percent of recycled rare earth elements. MacBook Air is also entirely made of recycled aluminium.


Apple MacBook Air features the return of the quick-release MagSafe connector. There are also 2 Thunderbolt Ports for super fast accessories and boasts up to 6K display support. Both USB-C ports support fast charging as well. A 3.5 mm Headphone Jack for high-impedance headphones is also included in the MacBook Air M2.











The all-new Apple MacBook Air with an M2 chip will offer industry-leading performances at great power efficiency. The world’s best-selling laptop has gotten even better with the new features & optimisation added to MacBook Air. M2 chip being made from second-generation 5 nm process is the most powerful chip made by Apple yet. User Interface (UI) & 

experience will be better with the introduction of macOS Ventura.

You can consider purchasing this thin, lightweight powerful machine for almost all the tasks. Students & working professionals can make great use of MacBook Air for their day-to-day production tasks.

It offers a great boost in performance as compared to its predecessor - MacBook Air with an M1 chip. Coders, Data scientists, and Photo & Video Editors can consider it to manage their workload as well. The smooth & seamless integration across Apple devices is unmatchable and offers a great experience overall.

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