Apple And Education

Apple And Education

Finding the best computer for college is a major decision, whether you're a student or a parent. We're prepared to assist.


Will it work for whatever major I choose?

 Mac is compatible with popular software you’ll use in college, including Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Canvas LMS, MATLAB, Mathematica, and Google Workspace for Education.

Is it powerful enough to get through my college? 

Every MacBook is powered by Apple Silicon, which is well-known throughout the industry and can effortlessly handle daily tasks like conducting studies and taking note of your academic work.It has a powerful GPU that can handle any graphically intense programmes you throw at it, allowing you to unleash your creativity to the fullest.

What connectivity options do MacBook Have? 

With the help of Apple Accessories, you may connect to external peripherals such as extended screens, storage devices, printers, and many more through the MacBook Air and MacBook 13in Pro's Standard ThunderBolt 3 USB type C port.

Will I be able to take Online Classes? 

Every Mac comes with high quality FaceTime HD Camera which Supports 1080p for video calls and conferencing. It also has three - mic array which uses directional beamforming so your voice is clear and loud in every online lectures you take.

How long the battery last? 

Since Apple Silicon is the most energy-efficient chip available, all Macs have all-day battery life. It can last all day, from your 8 a.m. lesson to doing your assignments at night.


Can iPad replace my main PC or Laptop?

 iPad is thin and light, so it’s easy to carry around. iPad comes with incredible power which can handle your daily productivity needs, and powerful enough to handle graphic intensive and creative apps. iPadOS is all you need for your academic years with in built productivity apps like Pages, Number, and Keynote. And with Creative apps like iMovies you can edit 4k videos. iPad delivers the perfect balance of power and portability to do it anywhere.

How can iPad can enhance students productivity further?

iPad has great accessories which can help students to work on projects in efficient way. Like with Apple Pencil will help students create notes, annotate, or create beautiful illustrations or art. Smart Keyboard Folio or Magic Keyboard folio which features a full size keyboard for typing. iPad is so versatile you can use third party bluetooth mouse and keyboard, on selected iPad models you can also connect with external storage too.

How long iPad battery lasts? 

All iPad comes with all-day battery life, It can handle tight schedule from your morning class to late night study sessions. 

Will iPad support online lectures?

 iPad is great for online lectures, all iPads are packed industry leading WiFi and Cellular technology. Also, those who don’t have access to WiFi all the time they can opt for WiFi+Cellular models. With Front Camera you’ll be perfectly in frame whether you’re on a FaceTime call, attending a video conference or recording a selfie. And with Centre Stage, the camera automatically adjusts to keep you centred in the shot.


 Faqs How apple products are Future proof? 

Apple makes its own hardware and software so the integration between them is very powerful, and timely software updates and macOS upgrades are rolled out over the air which are at no extra cost. So your device is upto date with new OS. Also, Apple uses exceptional material to increase durability which can withstand your usage in a longer run.

What about security and privacy?

 Apple believes that what customers share and who they share it with should be up to them. So every Apple product is designed to protect customer’s privacy and give them control over their information. Apple’s advanced, built-in security features are turned on by default - and easy to use. These hardware and software protections work together to help keep data secure. Free software updates keep your devices protected with latest security feature from Apple.

What about my product Service & Support? 

All Macs and iPads comes with one-year limited warranty with 90 days complimentary technical support. Adding Apple Care+ gives you coverage for two incidents of accidental damage every 12 months and priority to Apple expert via Call or chat.

Should I get a mac or an iPad?

Both are perfect for college and will be a great choice. Consider the types of activities you’ll be using it for and how you like to work.

Mac is designed around a keyboard and trackpad and is built to run desktop applications. It also allows you to customize your study setup with an external monitor and other peripherals.

iPad is designed around a touchscreen experience and is built to run a wide variety of apps. With Apple Pencil, you can take handwritten notes, sketch an idea, and express your creativity in so many ways.

Mac and iPad work so well together that many students choose to use both. And of course, if you have an iPhone it will work great with your new Mac or iPad.