With the most cutting-edge display in the world, an M4 chip, and an Apple Pencil Pro, Apple presents the gorgeous new iPad Pro.

With the most cutting-edge display in the world, an M4 chip, and an Apple Pencil Pro, Apple presents the gorgeous new iPad Pro.

The new iPad Pro represents a significant advancement with its revolutionary Ultra Retina XDR display, ultra-fast M4 performance, and potent AI capabilities.

California's Cupertino - With its incredibly light and thin design, Apple announced the revolutionary new iPad Pro today, elevating portability and performance to a whole new level. There are two sizes available for the new iPad Pro: an enormous 13-inch model and an exceedingly portable 11-inch model. It is finished in silver and space black. With its state-of-the-art tandem OLED display, the Ultra Retina XDR display is the most advanced display on the planet. It comes in two sizes and provides an amazing visual experience. The new iPad Pro is now possible thanks to the substantial performance and capabilities improvement provided by the M4 chip, the next generation of Apple silicon. The M4’s all-new display engine enables the brightness, color, and precision of the Ultra Rey engine. With the most powerful Neural Engine to date and a next-generation GPU that builds upon the GPU architecture first announced, the new iPad Pro is an extraordinarily powerful artificial intelligence tool. on the M3, and a new CPU. The exceptional capabilities and versatility of the iPad Pro are further enhanced by brand-new accessories. With its updated thinner and lighter design, the Magic Keyboard is packed with incredible features, and the Apple Pencil Pro adds powerful new interactions that further enhance the pencil experience. As of right now, customers may place orders for the new iPad Pro, Apple Pencil Pro, and Magic Keyboard. The products will be on sale in-store on Wednesday, May 15.

"The iPad Pro is ideal for individuals seeking the ultimate iPad experience, as it combines the best displays in the world, the exceptional performance of our most recent M-series chips, and cutting-edge accessories in a portable design. It is ideal for a wide range of professionals." With today's release of the incredibly light and thin iPad Pro, we're taking it a step further, as stated by Apple senior vice president of Hardware Engineering John Ternus. "The new iPad Pro stands out for its breakthrough Ultra Retina XDR display, next-level M4 performance, remarkable AI capabilities, and support for the all-new Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard."

There are two sizes available for the new iPad Pro: an oversized 13-inch device and an incredibly portable 11-inch variant.

Apple's thinnest product to date

The very light and thin design of the new iPad Pro, the tiniest Apple product to date, elevates portability to a whole new level. Both the 11-inch and 13-inch variants are equally robust as the previous design, although the 13-inch model is much slimmer at just 5.1 mm. Pro users are able to expand their workflows into new areas and ways as the 13-inch model weighs over a quarter of a pound less than the 11-inch model, which weighs less than a pound. The new iPad Pro is offered in two gorgeous finishes, space black and silver, and comes with casings made entirely of recyclable aluminum.

“With its ultra-thin design, the new iPad Pro redefines portability as the tiniest Apple product ever.”
“The 13-inch model is significantly slimmer at 5.1 mm, whereas the 11-inch model is only 5.3 mm thin.”
“The new iPad Pro is available in space black (pictured) and a stunning silver.”
“There are two colors available for the new iPad Pro: space black and gorgeous silver (shown).”

The Most Advanced Display in the World

The world's most sophisticated display, the Ultra Retina XDR, makes its debut on the new iPad Pro, offering an even more stunning visual experience. The Ultra Retina XDR display, which uses modern tandem OLED technology, combines the light from two OLED panels to create incredible full-screen brightness. The new iPad Pro can display an amazing 1000 nits of full-screen brightness while using SDR and HDR video, and 1600 nits at its highest setting when using HDR material. No other device of its kind offers this kind of extreme dynamic range. Tandem OLED technology allows sub-millisecond control over the color and luminance of individual pixels, pushing the limits of XDR precision.

 In addition to offering even greater responsiveness to material in motion, iPad offers significantly more detail in shadows and low light, making specular highlights in images and videos appear even brighter. For professionals operating in sophisticated color-managed processes or with difficult lighting, the iPad Pro now offers a new nano-texture glass option.1 Nano-texture glass is finely engraved at the nanoscale, preserving contrast and picture quality while dispersing surrounding light to lessen glare. With its ultra-brightness, ultra-precise contrast, dazzling colors, nano-texture glass option, and revolutionary tandem OLED technology, the new Ultra Retina XDR display is the most advanced display in the world, providing iPad Pro owners with an unmatched viewing experience.

“A new revolutionary Ultra Retina XDR display with cutting-edge tandem OLED technology, offering an amazing visual experience, is featured in both sizes.”

Exclusively achievable with M4

The revolutionary display and very light and thin design of the new iPad Pro are only possible because of Apple’s latest generation of silicon, M4, which gives a significant performance gain. The new iPad Pro’s design is enhanced by the M4’s even more power-efficient second-generation 3-nanometer technology. The entirely new M4 display engine brings cutting-edge technology that enables the Ultra Retina XDR display’s outstanding accuracy, color M4 display engine, which is completely new. With up to four performance cores and six efficiency cores, the new CPU offers up to 1.5x better CPU performance thanks to the incorporation of next-generation machine learning (ML) accelerators compared to the M2 in the previous generation iPad Pro. The 10-core GPU of the M4 expands upon the GPU architecture of the M3, bringing to the iPad for the first time hardware-accelerated mesh shading and ray tracing, as well as dynamic caching. Up to 4 times quicker performance than M2 is possible for professional rendering tools like Octane when combined with higher unified memory bandwidth.3. In addition, M4 offers outstanding improvements and performance per watt that leads the industry. In comparison to M2, M4 uses half the power to accomplish the same tasks, and in comparison to the newest PC CPU that can be found in a small, light laptop, M4 need only 25% of the power.4 High-definition video experiences from streaming services may now be played back more power-efficiently thanks to a new, sophisticated Media Engine that supports AV1 decode.

“A major speed boost is indicated by the fact that professional rendering tools like Octane can operate up to four times faster on M4 than on M2.”

Exceptionally Strong AI Device

With a processing speed of 38 trillion operations per second, Apple's most potent neural engine to date—60 times faster than the company's first neural engine found in the A11 Bionic —is present in the recently released iPad Pro with M4. The new iPad Pro is an extremely powerful AI tool thanks to its Neural Engine, which works in tandem with the CPU's next-generation ML accelerators, a powerful GPU, more iPadOS boasts strong developer frameworks, intelligent features, and ample memory bandwidth.

 The iPad Pro with M4 allows customers to expedite AI-enabled tasks even more. For instance, using Final Cut Pro’s Scene Removal Mask, you may quickly separate a subject from the background of 4K video with just one press. The M4's Neural Engine outperforms all other neural processing units with its high degree of performance.

“AI-enabled operations, such as Scene Removal Mask in Final Cut Pro, which allows users to tap-to-instantaneously isolate a topic from the backdrop in 4K footage, may be completed even faster by users.”

Furthermore, iPadOS has advanced frameworks such as Core ML that give developers access to the Neural Engine for delivering incredible AI capabilities locally. Examples of these capabilities include the execution of powerful diffusion and generative AI motion on-device performance. Moreover, the iPad Pro can be used with cloud-based services, enabling users to utilize advanced AI-powered productivity and creative apps like Adobe Firefly and Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Expert Cameras

With its rich audio from four studio-quality microphones, the upgraded camera system on the new iPad Pro offers even greater versatility, allowing users to film, edit, and share all on one device. The 12MP back camera captures vibrant Smart HDR images and videos with improved color, textures, and detail in low light. The enhanced adaptive True Tone flash on the new iPad Pro further enhances the efficiency of document scanning. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used by the new iPad Pro to identify documents under the Camera app. It swiftly takes many images with the new adaptive flash whenever a shadow gets in the way, then patches them together to produce a much better scan.

“The new iPad Pro offers even greater adaptability thanks to an improved pro camera setup.”

“Vibrant Smart HDR photos and videos with enhanced color, textures, and detail in low light are captured by the 12MP back camera.”

“Vibrant Smart HDR photos and videos with enhanced color, textures, and detail in low light are captured by the 12MP back camera.”

The TrueDepth camera on the front of the new iPad Pro is oriented in a landscape mode. Video conferencing in landscape mode is enhanced by the Ultra Wide 12MP camera with Center Stage, particularly when the iPad is connected to a Magic Keyboard or Smart Folio.

Advantageous Connectivity

With support for Thunderbolt 3 and USB 4, the iPad Pro's high-performance USB-C connector offers wired connectivity at a speed of up to 40 Gbps. A wide range of high-performance accessories, including as external storage and displays like the Pro Display XDR with its full 6K resolution, are compatible with Thunderbolt and can be connected using high-performance docks and cables. For incredibly quick Wi-Fi connections for professional workflows on the go, the iPad Pro is compatible with Wi-Fi 6E. Users can quickly access files, chat with coworkers, and back up their data while on the go with 5G Wi-Fi + Cellular versions. The new iPad Pro's cellular models may be easily connected to, transfer existing plans digitally, and keep multiple cellular plans on a single device thanks to eSIM, a more secure option than a physical SIM card. In more than 190 countries and territories across the world, customers may now connect to wireless data plans on the new iPad Pro without having to get a physical SIM card from a nearby carrier.

The New Apple Pencil Pro

With even more magical abilities and powerful new interactions, the Apple Pencil Pro enhances the Apple Pencil experience. By squeezing the tool palette, users may quickly switch between tools, line weights, and colors without stopping their creative work thanks to a new sensor in the barrel. A distinct haptic engine that generates a soft tap to signal when users squeeze, double-touch, or snap to a Smart Shape offers an incredibly intuitive experience. Using a gyroscope, users may precisely control the tool they are using by rolling their Apple Pencil Pro. Similar to pen and paper, rotating the barrel of a shaped pen or brush tool modifies its orientation. Furthermore, Apple Pencil hover allows users to examine the exact orientation of a tool before making a mark.

“Thanks to its even more amazing powers, users of the Apple Pencil Pro can create their ideas in whole new ways.”

The Apple Pencil Pro's sophisticated features enable developers to design their own unique interactions in addition to enabling users to realize their ideas in completely new ways. For the first time, Apple Pencil Pro Supports Find My, enabling customers to find their missing Apple Pencil Pro. It partners with the iPad Pro, charges, and stays on its edge thanks to a unique magnetic interface. The iPad Pro is also compatible with the Apple Pencil (USB-C), which is incredibly affordable and ideal for note-taking, sketching, annotating, journaling, and more.

“The Apple Pencil Pro couples, charges, and is stored on the side of the iPad Pro thanks to a new magnetic interface.”

The Brand-New Magic Keyboard with Intelligent Folio

A brand-new, lighter and thinner Magic Keyboard that is specifically made for the iPad Pro makes it more portable and adaptable than before. The remarkable floating design of the new Magic Keyboard, which unfolds to reveal a function row with controls for screen brightness and volume, is highly praised by customers. The MacBook-like experience is completed with the larger, even more sensitive trackpad with haptic feedback and the beautiful metal palm rest. The new Magic Keyboard attaches magnetically, and the Smart Connector provides quick power and data connectivity without the need for Bluetooth. A USB-C port for charging is also included with the machined aluminum hinge. The new Magic Keyboard is available in two colors: white with a silver aluminum palm rest and black with a space black aluminum palm rest, both of which go quite well with the new iPad Pro.

"The lighter and thinner Magic Keyboard makes the all-new iPad Pro more versatile and portable than ever.”

The iPad Pro Smart Folio is now magnetically attached and features multiple viewing angles for increased versatility. Available in denim, white, and black, it matches the new iPad Pro's color scheme.

Strong iPadOS Functions

With its abundance of capabilities, iPadOS pushes the limits of what is possible on the iPad. When it comes to operations like review and approve, color grading, and compositing where precise color matching and consistent image quality are essential, iPadOS's Reference Mode can meet the demands of the Ultra Retina XDR display. With Stage Manager, users may resize windows, tap to navigate between apps, and interact with numerous overlapping windows in a single view, among other features. Thanks to complete external display compatibility up to 6K, iPad Pro users can expand their workflow and utilize the built-in camera on an external display for better video conferencing. Users may take advantage of the powerful AI capabilities of the iPad Pro along with the innovative features of iPadOS, like Subject Lift, Visual Look Up, Live Text, and Live Captions, in addition to Personal Voice for accessibility.

Using the iPad's larger display, users of iPadOS 17 can customize the Lock Screen. Interactive widgets also allow users to take use of glanceable information by allowing them to complete tasks instantly with a single press. Organizing, reading, annotating, and collaborating on PDFs is made easier with the Notes app's AutoFill feature, which automatically recognizes and fills in form fields.

”iPadOS can use Reference Mode to precisely match the color specifications of the Ultra Retina XDR display.”

“With the ability to handle external displays up to 6K, iPad Pro users may expand their workflow.”

”With iPadOS 17, users may add personalization to the Lock Screen and enhance glanceable information with interactive widgets.”

Logic Pro for iPad 2

Logic Pro for iPad 2, which will be available on Monday, May 13, features incredible studio assistant features that improve the music-making process and provide artists with support when needed, guaranteeing that musicians maintain total creative freedom. These features include Stem Splitter, which allows you to extract and deal with individual elements of a single audio recording, Chroma Glow, which quickly adds warmth to recordings, and Session Players, which build on Logic's well-liked Drummer skills to include a new Bass Player and Keyboard Player.

”In Logic Pro for iPad 2, Session Players function as a customized, AI-powered backup band that responds instantly to input, offering designers previously unheard-of possibilities.”

Final Cut Pro on the iPad 2

Live Multicam is a new feature of Final Cut Pro for iPad 2, which will be available later this spring. It allows users to remotely monitor and control up to four linked iPhone and iPad devices, transforming the iPad into a mobile production studio. In addition to supporting Live Multicam, a brand-new capture app called Final Cut Camera is available for iPad and iPhone. This app allows users to adjust shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and other settings in addition to monitoring features like focus peaking and overexposure indicators. Final Cut Camera is a standalone capture application that can be used in conjunction with Live Multicam. Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 includes new content possibilities and allows users to create and open projects from external storage, giving editors even more flexibility.

”Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 now offers Live Multicam, a revolutionary new feature that lets users record multiple perspectives of a single scenario using their own or other devices.”

iPad Pro and the Natural World

With 100% recycled aluminum in the casing, 100% recycled rare earth components in every magnet, and 100% recycled gold plating and tin soldering in several printed circuit boards, the new iPad Pro is created with the environment in mind. The new iPad Pro is devoid of PVC, brominated flame retardants, and mercury, and it satisfies Apple's strict energy efficiency requirements. With this packaging, Apple is one step closer to its 2025 objective of eliminating plastic from all packaging. It is made entirely of fiber.

Apple’s global corporate operations are currently carbon neutral. By 2030, the company wants to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the whole manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle.

Cost and Availability

  • Silver and space black finishes will be available for the new 11- and 13-inch iPad Pro models with capacities of 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB.
  • The Wi-Fi model of the 11-inch iPad Pro costs INR 99900, while the Wi-Fi + Cellular model costs INR 119900. The Wi-Fi model of the 13-inch iPad Pro costs INR 129900, while the Wi-Fi + Cellular model costs INR 149900. Additional technical details, such as choices for nano-textured glass
  • The price of the new 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pros for school is INR 89900 and INR 119900, respectively. Education pricing is available to all currently enrolled and newly admitted college students, as well as to their parents, teachers, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels.
  • The new iPad Pro and the new Apple Pencil Pro are compatible. The cost of it is INR 11900. The Apple Pencil Pro costs INR 10900 and is intended for educational use.
  • The Apple Pencil (USB-C) can be used with the new iPad Pro. For education, it costs INR 6900 and INR 7900.
  • The new iPad Pro is compatible with the Magic Keyboard. It comes with white and black finishes. With layouts for more than 30 languages, the new 11-inch Magic Keyboard costs INR 29900, while the new 13-inch Magic Keyboard costs INR 33900. The 11-inch Magic Keyboard costs INR 27,900 for educational use, and the 13-inch Magic Keyboard costs INR 31,900.
  • For the new 11-inch iPad Pro, the new Smart Folio costs INR 8500 in black, white, and denim finishes; for the new 13-inch iPad Pro, the price is INR 10900.
  • Later this spring, Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 will be offered for INR 499 per month, or INR 4999 per year, on the App Store. A one-month free trial is also included.

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