Which is better for Graphic Designer: MacBook Pro 13” or MacBook Air?

Which is better for Graphic Designer: MacBook Pro 13” or MacBook Air?

Every year, Apple releases new products with all new features, such as MacBook's, iPads, and iPhones. MacBook's are the most popular Apple products among university students who work in the fields of designing, coding, gaming and editing.

Apple devices are in high demand among the wide range of laptops available on the market due to their outstanding features and stylish appearance.

To be successful in the profession of graphic design, one must have a creative vision. Technology has been incorporated in the field of design, enabling more opportunity to their carrier.

The features like high retina display, image quality, high color accuracy, portability, storage , processor makes the MacBook more powerful. Graphic Designers mostly uses the Apps like Adobe Photoshop,

InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects. Apple creates their own operating system, macOS which runs on them is the big advantages for Mac users. Lets us look at the configuration, that gives amazing results to Graphic Designers:

Why should a Graphic Designer switch to Apple MacBook from any other laptop?

Graphic Designers are the one who wants to put their ideas and imagination into the screen. Designers need high resolution screen making them comfortable to work for long hours without straining their eyes.

Another thing that designers look after is the RAM. They need huge amount of storage in their laptop to keep all the files.

Which is best Apple MacBook for Graphic Designers?

But when it comes to choose best Apple Laptop , here the confusion starts. Apple has made their MacBook lineups too powerful to chose one.

To make the task easier for Graphic Designers, here we are going to compare two models: Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch and Apple MacBook Air.

Things to be look after while purchasing MacBook for Graphic Designing in 2022:

Specifications of  MacBook Pro 13” or MacBook Air

Specifications of Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch:

  • Graphics:
    • MacBook Pro 13 inch comes with the most powerful M1 chip - 8 core CPU, 8 core GPU and 16 core neural Engine.
    • Here powerful 8 core GPU makes the graphics smoother, faster and beautiful. One can play 8K video seamlessly and graphics intensive works in a blink.
    • Final Cut Pro gives 5.9X faster performance in Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch M1 chip than MacBook Pro 13 inch baseline model. It gives superfast integrated graphics.
  • RAM:
    • Graphic designers are always in search of space for large data and files. Apple silicon chip combines all the components into a single chip, or SoC. It can access data without copying in multiple pools.
    • This has improved the efficiency and performance. It brings high bandwidth, low latency memory in one single chip altogether.
    • Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch M1 chip comes with 8 GB and 16 GB of superfast unified memory. But I would suggest 16 GB memory will be best for Graphic designer
  • Storage:
    • Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch M1 chip comes with 256 GB and 52 GB of storage. And can be configured till 1TB and 2 TB. The storage help the machine to boot quickly.
    • It can transfer/copy files with ultra speed, launch app faster. In Apple, SSD, RAM and graphics card are soldered in one chip so can not be upgraded. But if you want 1TB or 2TB of unified memory then it may take 1 to 2 weeks of delivery time.
  • Display:
    • Designers need high resolution display which delivers the detail and realism to their work.
    • Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch comes with LED -backlit display with IPS technology, 500 nits brightness, True Tone technology giving the white balance and adjusts to match the colour of temperature of light.
    • It also has P3 wide colour which brings more vibrant greens and reds.
  • Size and Weight:
    • MacBook Pro 13 inch is bit heavier than MacBook Air. Its is 1.4 kg.
  • Battery life:
    • This is also an important factor for designers, as they have long hours working on computers.
    • M1 chip Pro model has outstanding battery life upto 17 hours and upto 20 hours Apple TV app movie playback.
  • Budget:
  • The MacBook Pro 13 inch M1 chip with 8 GB of unified memory and 256GB SSD costs ₹ 122900/- and 16 GB of unified memory and 512GB SSD costs ₹ 142900/-.


Specifications of Apple MacBook Air:

  • Graphics:
    • Apple MacBook Air comes with the new M1 chip - 8 core CPU, 7/8 core GPU and 16 core Neural Engine. 8-core GPU makes it fast for integrated graphics.
    • If we compare with the previous MacBook Air model, the M1 chip Air model is 5X faster in graphic performance.
    • Now creators can use Apple MacBook Air to edit and play full quality 4K video without dropping a frame.
  • RAM:
    • As we discussed in Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch, the same Apple silicon chip is in Apple MacBook Air making all in one chip.
    • It can share the data between CPU, GPU and Neural Engine very efficiently. Hence it is - do it all notebook for all professionals.
    • It comes with 8GB and 16GB of unified memory. But for designing purpose 16GB would be better.
  • Storage:
    • Even here there is no difference in storage between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air as both comes with 256GB and 512GB and can be configured up to 2TB.
    • Here SSD has made importing large files or previewing massive images faster than ever.
  • Display:
    • Apple MacBook Air comes with LED-backlit display with IPS technology, True Tone technology and P3 wide colour but 400 nits of brightness, which is little bit less than MacBook Pro.
    • But colours are vibrant and text are clear. It has 25% more colours than sRGB.
  • Size and Weight:
    • MacBook Air is light in weight making more portable than MacBook Pro 13 inch. It weighs 1.29 kg
  • Battery life:
    • Air has battery life upto 15 hours and upto18 hours Apple TV app movie playback. It is not enough battery life for designer’s perspective as they need power and battery throughout the day.
  • Budget:
  • The MacBook Air M1 chip with 7-core GPU, 8GB of unified memory and 256GB SSD costs ₹ 92900/- and 8-core GPU, 8GB of unified memory and 512GB SSD costs ₹ 117900/-


So this were the specifications of both the machines: Apple MacBook 13 inch M1 chip and Apple MacBook Air M1 chip.

We have discussed pros and cons for both the laptops. Now its in customers hand to see which one is best for them.

But those who are hardcore Graphic Designer should go for Apple MacBook 13 inch M1 chip to give boost to their work. No doubt it is bit costly than Air but it is worth.

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