The leading six advantages using a Mac at work

The leading six advantages using a Mac at work

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Microsoft and Windows emerged as the early leaders in the field of personal computing. The operating system at home gradually gained popularity and eventually became the standard in all offices. Then, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Apple and macOS began to appeal to more creative industries, which finally heralded the transition in the workplace that we witness today.

These days, anyone may use a Mac for commercial purposes. Everyone can use it. iPhones and iPads are becoming more common, just like Windows did at first, and more people are becoming accustomed to and sometimes even prefer the Apple environment.

Is it worthwhile to invest in a Mac now that requests for them at work are increasing? Should your IT staff recommend that you start allowing them into your environment? The benefits and downsides will be discussed in this essay. Spoiler alert: owning a Mac has a lot of advantages.


Who stands to gain the most from having a Mac at work?


It was previously implied that Macs were once only utilized by creatives. But because of macOS's simple user interface and Apple's small environmental impact, Macs are actually accessible to everyone. Because they don't have to worry about how their computers function, executives are starting to use them more frequently. And your frequent travelers, who appreciate the mobility and light weight of the aesthetic.

The Advantages of Using a Mac for Business

The advantages of the Mac extend well beyond familiarity and simplicity of usage. Here are just a few additional arguments in favor of Macs that you should think about.

longer-term savings and lower churn

Macs often have a longer lifespan than Windows computers. A Mac can typically function well for three years. You can get up to 6 years out of a Mac, though, if you speak with any IT staff that has been supporting them. Although I wouldn't recommend making 6 years your standard, it is certainly a possibility, especially if you are passing it on to consumers that need less computing power

A Forrester study found that the increased lifespan might result in savings of up to $800. Additionally, you may still profit a bit more by reselling laptops, even if you don't have a need to pass them on. Apple products often have higher resale values.

greater security

Although it cannot be said that macOS is faultless, it is unquestionably safer than Windows. Comparatively, there is less malware on the internet. Additionally, there are fewer security and data breaches. It's considerably less likely to occur on your Apple devices, but please don't interpret this as if it won't ever happen. The cost of security software and administration is reduced as a result of a stronger operating system. more methods to reduce spending MacOS gets extra points!

Upgrades are not required

The M1 chip and later are now proven to be powerful enough for the majority of business demands as a result of Apple migrating to their own CPUs. You had to run their RAM and CPU speeds at their maximum to make sure it could keep up when Macs first introduced Intel processors, or even what you're used to currently on Windows computers. In addition to leveling the playing field, this new silicon gives Macs a considerable advantage. You may now save money by not purchasing the finest of the best, as the entry-level Mac is currently available.

greater mobile device compatibility

You skimmed over how iPadOS and iOS are lowering the entrance bar for Mac in the workplace. However, it also means that your user will be able to smoothly transfer their data from their work Mac to their personal iPhone. Although that may frighten some security professionals reading this, there are techniques to control it and guarantee that the data remains encrypted. Even Apple offers services like Apple Business Manager that can assist you in managing all the necessary standards.

less assistance is required

Your Mac devices won't require as much daily care overall since you won't have to worry about things like malware definitions, operating system patches, etc. This means less support from your staff. So you may have an IT staff that actively seeks to improve technology for your business rather than merely patching things together to keep them functioning.

Cloud-based options simplify backups

Supporting a storage system that your Mac and Windows machines could communicate with in the past was a hassle. The cloud-based solutions, however, have completely eliminated that problem. Only a client-side program, or better yet, a browser, should be your main concern.


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