iPad mini 6th Generation Review

iPad mini 6th Generation Review

The first mini iPad was released on November 12, 2012. It had the same specifications and the same resolution as the iPad, but with a smaller screen.

The new iPad is much more elegant compared to the simple iPad. It has a sleek look with round corners and 4 gorgeous colours: Pink, Purple, Starlight and Space grey.

Plus, it has a much more powerful chip, the A15 bionic chip, which is best for heavy users and gamers. It's really compact, so it’s comfortable to use. And you can pair a 2nd generation pencil with it, so you can draw, highlight, and scribble with ease. 

iPad mini 6th Generation specification Review


  • The iPad mini has two storage options: 64GB and 256GB. There is no 128GB version.
  • There are two options for connectivity: Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi cellular. You can select whatever is perfect for you.
  • It has the A15 chip, which is used in the iPhone 13 series. The A15's 16-core Neural Engine can conduct up to 15.8 trillion operations per second, and owing to the new image signal processor, it can power features like Cinematic Mode and Smart HDR 3.
  • The new iPad mini includes 4GB of RAM, which is an upgrade over the previous model's 3GB.


  • The iPad mini 6th generation was released almost 2 years after the mini 5th generation, but it was worth the wait.
  • This iPad has a very classy design. It’s very obvious that its design is inspired by iPhones. It has smaller borders and does not stare at you with its big fore head. It’s almost like a shrunken up iPad Air.
  • It’s a bit smaller than the last generation but has a bigger screen, as the home button is gone.
  • The height of the last generation was 8 inches and the height of this generation is 7.68 inches, whereas the display of the last generation was 7.9 inches (diagonally) and the screen size of this generation is 8.3 inches (diagonally) with a resolution of 2266 by 1488.
  • The display continues to feature P3 wide colour and offers up to 500 nits of brightness.

Touch ID:

  • It has a new touch ID feature with it, at the place of the power button. You can unlock your iPad with a single touch.
  • Make payments, buy apps, and what not. Firstly, this feature was introduced on the iPad Air. The iPad mini 6's Touch ID works in both portrait and landscape modes.
  • When you press and hold the Touch ID power button, it acts as a Siri activation button.

USB C dominance:

  • The very new addition to the iPad mini is USB C connectivity. You can charge your iPad through it.
  • This is a really good and much needed change. Now you can upload or offload photographs anytime. It opens up an easier way of connecting or sharing with better speed.
  • Now you can even connect external devices easily too, like external drives, microphones, audio interfaces, and more. It is much better than the lightning connector option. 

Apple pencil, 2nd generation:

Apple pencil, 2nd generation

  • Now you can scribble or write on it with the help of a 2nd generation pencil. I feel the design of the 2nd generation pencil and the way it charges is much more practical than the 1st generation pencil. You just have to magnetically connect it to the sides, and it will charge automatically.
  • So much better than making a unicorn out of your iPad by charging it through the lightning connector. Second, you can switch between tools in the 2nd generation pencil by double tapping on it. You can highlight notes, scribble while searching, take a screenshot easily, and what not.


  • According to Apple, whether surfing the web on Wi-Fi or viewing video, the battery lasts up to 10 hours, while cellular versions last up to nine hours when browsing the web on a cellular connection. But it will last longer if you’re just reading or taking notes.
  • The iPad mini 6 has a 19.3 watt-hour battery, which is the same as the preceding iPad mini.


  • The iPad mini is so perfect for reading, drawing and things like "editing on the go". It’s so light that you can hold it in one hand and still feel it's weight or discomfort.
  • It’s just literally perfect for that. I mean, it just weighs 297 grams! It’s almost the size of your palm! You can read with so much ease; it’s a perfect tablet for that. Additionally, it has true tone, which means it uses advanced sensors to adjust the colour and intensity of your display to match the ambient light, so that images appear more natural.
  • The display continues to feature P3 wide colour and offers up to 500 nits of brightness. And even more perfect for gamers, it has a not-so-big and not-so-small situation going on.
  • And it has an A15 bionic chip, which is really fast and powerful. It is nearly 40% faster than the previous generation. And twice as fast machine learning. And graphics that are 80 percent faster! It’s the perfect companion for travellers and artists. With this speed and these fast graphics, you will enjoy using procreate, affinity photo, affinity designers, and much more. 

Video and camera:

  • Its back camera is 8 MP. It has a 12MP ultrawide front camera, which is a good improvement from the last generation, which was 8MP. Normally, people do not prefer to take photos on their iPads, but the size of this iPad makes it possible.
  • Support for Centre Stage with the front-facing camera is one of the most stunning camera technologies. Centre Stage automatically pans the camera to keep you centred in the picture, making it ideal for video chats like FaceTime and even third-party apps like Zoom.
  • The camera travels with you as you walk around the frame, and when more individuals arrive inside the frame, the camera zooms out to ensure that each subject is fully represented.

Everything else you need to know:

The iPad mini 6 is a significant improvement over the previous model in terms of performance. With the powerful A15 chip, it is good for the games, especially if you’ve subscribed to Apple arcade.

And even for editing, the mini gives a comfortable size and speed, and with its 8.3-inch display, it gives a better experience than compared to editing on the iPhone 13.

When the iPad is positioned in landscape mode, the stereo speakers become accessible. The speakers aren't quite up to the standards of the iPad Pro, but they're adequate for such a small gadget.


The iPad mini 6 is without a doubt the greatest portable tablet available today. It's a little gadget that can do almost everything well. The iPad mini shines in one area: note-taking.

This is owing to compatibility with the 2nd-generation Apple Pencil, which connects magnetically to the tablet's side. Overall, the iPad mini is an incredible gadget for mobility, and it's essentially the only option for anyone searching for a tiny tablet with industry-leading software that can do quite much everything its more capable siblings can. Because in an equivalent form factor, nothing comes even close to the iPad mini.


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