Why companies run better on a Mac than on Windows

Why companies run better on a Mac than on Windows

For companies and businesses alike, the bigger they get, the more do the finer things begin to matter. This blog is aimed at one such detail that companies should not really be overlooking. A question that’s generally asked or should be asked in this regard- which Operating System/Laptop should companies be using? Between Mac/iOS and Windows, which one would aid an organization the better way? This blog aims to provide you with a nudge in the matter. From Usability to Reliability, Apple believes there to be a plethora of reasons why a Mac is better than windows, and also why your employees ought to be working on one. And if these matters aren’t even raised in your company, we'd say it’s about time they are. Because factors of user-satisfaction and productivity have shown to depend heavily on the nature of your company's digital work environment. So, read along and decide if there are any benefits of having an Apple a day.

  • The M1
  • Longevity
  • Ease of usage and maintenance
  • Security


1 word, M1

The new-age of Processing power

Apple released the integrated silicone chip of M1 as a game changer in the field of IT. It’s only the most efficient of chips that company laptops/desktops ought to be running on, and the M1 is quite the epitome of that. With CPU, GPU and memory being integrated into a single M1 chip, it’s instantly faster than any processor that Windows has to offer.

Laptops on an M1 just run better

Companies already have a lot on their plates for their laptops to slow things down. M1 powered MacBooks have shown to be way faster than Windows devices. As Apple claims, “When compared with the latest model of the best-selling PC notebook purchased by businesses in its price range, MacBook Air with Apple M1 chip offers twice faster Excel performance and browser graphics performance.”

An OS that does what it’s built to do

Things are just more professional and easier when things fit in the way they’re supposed to. Whether its for the tiny Mac-mini or the grand iMac itself, the software and hardware that go into their devices are developed by Apple themselves. This in turn enables an extremely specialized Operating system. For instance, the MacOS integrated into an M1 MacBook Pro 2021, would be designed specifically to propel that chip to its best. From streamlined apps and designs to powerful updates, let your company laptops run on an Operating system that aligns itself perfectly with the hardware that it’s built for.


Companies aim for longevity in performance

Incur lower costs in the long run

The whole “Apple is expensive” fiasco probably shouldn’t be much of an hindrance for companies looking ahead into the future. Because the costs incurred are reportedly lower in the long run, when compared to what other systems could cost you. Macs require lesser software, fewer support tickets, significantly lesser maintenance and a higher residual value. Add up those savings and invest in new resources, instead of fixing the broken ones.

A battery that runs circles around the clock

The Mac is designed to offer you performance that lasts. A single charge is enough for you to work without worrying about your laptop shutting down on you. Plus, the integrated build of M1 chip makes the Mac more power-efficient than literally any other device that Windows operates. For some perspective, the MacBook Air Pro enables 2x longer Zoom calls than other devices do, when not plugged in. All in all, you’re free to go all in for longer times.


Ease at work makes for superior work

Easy to procure

Choices are good, indeed. But Windows might offer your company with a little too many of confusing variants, with nothing really significant separating them. Apple offers a carefully selected, specialized series of devices, to suit each one of your broader needs. Macs are built with pinpoint precision in mind, and cuts back on the time consumed on choosing an appropriate model.

Easier to manage

With technical difficulties and an uncomfortable UI out of the way, employees are simply free to unleash their best works. Apple grants users with a level of control that isn’t found in other devices. In terms of comfort, the MacBook Air for instance is designed to make you feel it the moment you’re in its presence. From a wide and seamless trackpad to its premium keypads, a Mac sports certain features that make user-efforts shine in the best of ways.

Pre-loaded utilities

Mac comes with a wide array of pre-loaded applications that businesses and organizations alike could find massive use for. Being much more of a productivity-specialized series than Windows, the Mac sports virtually every utility tool you'd need to ensure smoother operations in your workplace.


Just more secure than the rest

An Industry-leading cybersecurity

Mac devices have always been less vulnerable to cyber attacks than Windows devices have. With advanced email protection features, file scanning and Wi-Fi inspection, Mac is simply a step ahead in terms of network and cyber-security. Your digital existence just has to be as safe as possible.

With great power, comes great security

Apple's devices are generally known to last longer than Windows devices do. This isn’t much about Windows doing something wrong, than it is about Apple doing things better. With the built-in features of hardware-verified secure boot, on-the-fly encryption, Touch ID, and Gatekeeper, the Mac is among the most secure devices your company could operate on.


So what should you opt for?

Keeping the whole “Mac OS vs Windows OS” matter aside, things simply come down to what your company as unique organization would need. But as discussed above, there do exist some points that require consideration prior to taking any sort of decision. While it is known that majority of the companies today still operate on Windows, recent years have shown certain changes in this pattern. Several top organizations like that of Concentrix and GE have switched their entire operations to Mac, and so have they suggested the blooming organizations to follow. It is to highlight the majority of the reasons behind the same, that this blog has been written. We would still advice you to scan through the pros and cons that either choice could have on your organization, and follow it to its best.

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