Thinking of getting an iPad is quite an easy decision to make. An iPad sports tons of features that make it an incredibly handy device to own. But difficulty arises in deciding which iPad to get. Apple has released a wide array of multi-faceted iPads, each built for certain unique needs. An iPad might be a serious investment, and you must make sure you do it right.

How can we decide which iPad to get? The easiest thing to do would be to ask yourself the question- Why am I getting an iPad? There has to be some need that you’re trying to meet. And since each one of Apple’s iPads is built with a particular strongpoint, deciding based on your specific need would be a sensible way to go. Below, we’ve mentioned 7 areas of usage, and the respective iPad models that would excel in each of these areas. Have a glance through it, and see if it helps you decide which iPad you need in your hands right now.

  • Camera system
  • Work and Productivity
  • Audio quality
  • The best Display
  • Storage capacity
  • For Gaming
  • Budget iPad


If you just want the best camera

Is iPad a sensible option if you want some high-quality pictures taken? Absolutely. Apple has maintained the best of its camera engines inside their iPads. We’d say that the iPad Pro 12.9” is the best in the market right now, when it comes to picture quality. It sports both wide angle and ultra-wide angle camera systems for the most flexible of snaps. Whether it’s professional shots or personal selfies & portraits, the iPad Pro is simply a pro when it comes to all that.


  • TrueDepth selfie camera
  • Wide and Ultra-wide camera
  • 12MP Front camera/ 122º field of view


Work and Productivity

An Apple device is simply known for its abilities when it comes to productivity. Immense power goes into an iPad, and any iPad would simply among the best choices for getting your work done the proper way. From each one of the iPad variants, the 12.9” inch or 11” inch iPad Pro models sport a wide array of features that make it the best choice for those looking for maximum work efficiency.

The M1 chip is a game changer in several ways, and it powers up your work to whole new levels. It’s the fastest and most powerful chip to come out of Apple, and the latest iPads are built to make the most of it.

The iPad Pro also pairs itself up with new-generation utility tools like the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. These devices bring a level of efficiency into your hands, that you didn’t know was possible.

The iPad Pro models also sport a 12MP front camera, making it a perfect choice for face-timing and video-conferencing. Look your best professional self for all those important meetings.

All in all, the iPad Pro is sure to raise your work efficiency and quality to some serious new leagues.


  • The M1 chip
  • Utility tools like Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil
  • Best for Face-times and Zoom meets


An iPad you’d love to listen to

Audio and Video producers might require a very specific iPad for their works. Or maybe you’re just a casual user who’s sure that you’ll be listening to songs or watching movies on your iPad more than anything else. We’d say the iPad Pro 11” of 2018 offers one of the best audio systems ever on an iPad. It sports a four-speaker system to pour focused and dynamic sounds into your ears. It also sports an incredible surround sound that elevates your songs and movies to your liking.


  • Four-speaker sound system
  • Surround sound


For those wanting brilliance at display

Maybe you want everything on your screen to look as incredible as possible. Maybe you need something to edit your pictures and videos in the best of ways. Or maybe you’re a creative artist looking for the most colour accurate displays. Simply speaking, Apple devices are among the best when it comes to display. For those expecting the most vivid visuals, sharp details and the widest of colour gamut from an iPad, the 12’9” iPad Pro would be the best choice. It sports a Liquid Retina XDR display that provides the best and brightest screen for you to weave your magic. Also, with an Extreme Dynamic Range, the iPad Pro is your very own portable canvas of seamless visuals.


  • Liquid Retina XDR Display
  • Extreme Dynamic Range
  • P3 Wide-Colour
  • True Tone


Something to carry your entire workstation around

Storage is an important issue. Maybe you’ve got massive work-files that you’d need to access on the fly. We’d say that a simple “the more the better” rule need not apply here. The decision again comes down to what you’d be carrying the most in your iPad. iPad offers varied sets of storages, and we’ve listed the different cases where you could consider each of them.

  • 32GB-64GB

When it comes to simple usage, 32-64GB of storage is more than enough for most of them. Devices like the 4th Generation of iPad Air start at 64GB, and that would be a sensible choice. But this is the case only if you’re sticking to simple and basic usage. For high-end AAA games and, over-flowing content of movies and pictures, you might need a model of 128GB in your hands. 

  • 128GB

For files large enough, and for some significant breathing space, 128GB might be a proper choice. Since pictures and videos will keep accumulating on your device, going too low with your choice is not really advisable. Although, it’s when we come to backing up or syncing large files, that 128GB of storage might fall a bit short.

  • 256GB-512GB

256GB to 512GB is a bit more of a sweet-spot for professional iPad users. Professional works and editing software might require at least 256GB of storage. 512GB is widely considered to be what’s “enough” for an iPad. The serious users whose files and works are completely centred around an iPad, might find the option of 512GB storage to be of necessity.

  • 1TB

We’d say that 1TB of storage is something that most of you wouldn’t find the need for. There are very few files that would demand this kind of space. But it certainly does have its use. We’d recommend this to professional designers and artists who require heavy-duty AR files and media to be carried around. Those wanting these files to be stored locally in their iPads, would certainly need 1TB of storage.


Are you a gamer?

If yes, and if that’s one of your priorities in an iPad, the latest models of iPad Air or iPad Pro would be your way to go. And when we say “games”, we don’t mean the low-graphics ones you’d find on any device. We mean proper games, the kind of which one would find on desktop computers. iPad Air and iPad Pro built are built to perform like desktops, and offer incredible rates of performance.

The M1 chip has an Octa-core GPU, and delivers up to 40% faster graphics than any other iPad models. Visuals, framerates, and quality are as incredible you need them to be for a seamless gaming experience. 


  • M1: The fastest integrated GPU ever
  • Desktop level games


An iPad that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket (Budget)

Let’s face it, Apple is expensive. And a large number of users simply want to work on Apple without having to pay a ridiculous amount for it. For these users, we’d say the iPad 2020 is their best bet. It’s incredible in terms of performance and specs, while being fairly entry-level in terms of price. The iPad 2020 offers a 10.2” display, Touch ID, Apple Pencil support, and up to 128GB of storage. It also houses an A12 Bionic chip that ensures incredible rates of power and performance on the iPad.


So, which iPad to go for?

An “iPad for all” simply doesn’t exist. You might have your own little needs, and we suggest you buy as per the same. In this blog, we’ve tried providing you with all the details you might need to make an informed decision. But we still suggest you take your research beyond this blog, and know your iPad before getting it. Also, to read through it and get a general idea of what you’d want if you don’t have a “specific” priority. From Apple pencil to Magic Keyboard, Apple offers a variety of utility tools, that require consideration too. Would you, or would you not need it?

Wherever you look, and whatever you decide on buying, think of what you might use your iPad for, and buy one that sits just right with those needs. So, happy shopping!

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