Use Audio Hints With Apple Fitness

Use Audio Hints With Apple Fitness


How To Setup & Use Audio Hints, Accessibility Feature On iPhone & iPad:

  • As easy as it seems, first of all, open the “Fitness” app on your Apple iPad or iPhone.
  • It can be followed by clicking on the “Fitness+” tab on the screen.
  • Following clicking on the “Fitness+” tab, choose the exercise which you want to perform.
  • Then, click on the “Let’s Begin” tab on your Fitness app.
  • Click on the “Metrics Editor” button after clicking on the Let’s Begin tab.
  • Eventually, you can turn on “Audio Hints” next to “Metrics Editor” on your Apple device which could either be an iPad or an iPhone.

Please Note: When you start working out, Audio Hints will immediately be enabled if Voiceover is turned on. Otherwise, you can do it yourself by following the steps above for iPhone & iPad.


  • Open the Fitness app on your Apple TV
  • Then, select who is working out.
  • Choose the workout which you want to exercise, and then click on the ‘Play’ button.
  • Tap on the Metrics Editor button in the Fitness app of Apple TV.
  • Finally, choose Audio Hints to turn them on/off. Audio speed can be adjusted as per your needs.


For things like the onset and end of a workout, equipment adjustments, changes in body position, and activity variations, audio hints are provided in the Apple Fitness+ service.

What are “Audio Hints”?

When using Fitness+ to complete an exercise, Audio Hints provide audible descriptions of onscreen instructions. During your workout, Audio Hints can help explain a movement and provide timing cues if you turn them on on your Apple device.

Audio Hints offer brief descriptive verbal hints to assist users who are blind or have low vision as part of an ongoing effort to make exercise more accessible to all.

In short Audio Hints is a great feature for all specially-abled or differently-abled people who always wanted to experience the new exercises but were not able to do so because of the lack of support.

Now, it won’t be an issue because “Audio Hints” in the Apple Fitness+ service have revolutionised the physical exercise space for them across the Apple ecosystem using Apple Watch & iPhones, especially with Apple Fitness+.

About Apple Fitness+ :-

Apple Fitness+ is a video-on-demand streaming service without any advertisements for guided exercises.

Apple Fitness+ offers a variety of video training routines and advice from fitness experts and shows real-time exercise statistics from the Apple Watch in a corner of the video.

Apple Fitness+ is a service provided directly by Apple on a subscription-based model.     

 One of the new accessibility features that Apple revealed in March 2022 is "Audio Hints," which combines the strength of its hardware and software with cutting-edge ML (Machine Learning).



You can work out at your own pace as you can change the Audio Hints’ speed from the Menu bar. Your own pace also makes a workout more appealing. During the workout, you can also toggle on and off the audio hints. Unified integration across the Apple ecosystem is what makes the ‘Audio Hints’ feature stand out and with it specially-abled people make their workout sessions effective. 

To subscribe to Apple Fitness+ you can click on the ‘Fitness+’ button in the app then start your free trial for 3 months by logging into Apple ID. This special feature rolled by Apple recently has special use cases across Apple devices like Apple TV, iPhone, iPad & Watch Series.

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