Apple Fitness App and Apple Fitness+ App

Apple Fitness App and Apple Fitness+ App


Everything you need to know about Apple Health App, Apple Fitness App and Apple Fitness+ App:


Being an Apple fan, you might be knowing about Apple Ecosystem. An Apple Ecosystem is like a walled garden, where Apple has made everything on its own. 

Then whether it is a software, hardware, chip, or processor that attracts you to be in its ecosystem. Now we all are aware of the products that Apple come up with new launches. 

It has launched new lineups for iMacs, MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and AirPods and along with it the new operating system, processor, and chip which makes the product more efficient.

But what increases our interaction with any gadget we use in day-to-day life is the “Applications”. There are a lot of applications that we use for increasing our productivity in our personal and professional life. 

However, in a stressful life many times we may forget that our HEALTH is also a key part of our life. We use iMessage for chatting, FaceTime for video calling, a Camera for capturing amazing memories of our life, a Calculator for calculations, a Reminder for important meetings, and notes for listing out tasks for the day. but are we using the Health App provided by Apple in our daily life?

Let us discuss some most important apps that Apple has made for their users:

  1. The Health App:
  2. The Apple Fitness App:
  3. The Apple Fitness + App:

The Health App: 

  • This App consists of a Summary tab which shows favourites, Trends and Highlights for keeping the user informed about the activity he/she is doing.
  • Favourites: This feature is selected by the choice of each user. It has menstrual cycle tracking, tracking of the steps, running and floor climbs, walking speed etc.
  • Trends and highlights are made based on machine learning algorithms. It will display the statistics of a workout done by the user.
  • Tap ‘Show All Health Data’ to know everything that Apple Health has for its users. There are categories like Activity, Body Measurements, Cycle tracks, Hearing, Mindfulness, Mobility, Respiratory, and Nutrition.
  • The most important thing is the user can also keep track of the duration of sleep, heart rate, and respiratory health.
  • There is also an option for Sharing the data with your doctor, dietician or health coach.
  • The interface provided by Apple is just awe, you can get all the information in just one place. 

The Apple Fitness App: 

  • There is an Activity app on Apple Watch and Fitness App on iPhone.
  • The main objective of an App is to make the user conscious of his health.
  • This is an App that cannot let you skip your daily workouts to stay fit.
  • The three rings help you to achieve your daily goals.
  • The red ring tacks all of your active calories as you move like cleaning the house or dancing.
  • The green ring shows you how many minutes of brisk activity you have completed such as walking or climbing up the stairs.
  • The blue ring tracks how frequently you roll or stand. If you are sitting for too long, the watch will nudge you to move around at least one minute per hour.
  • The goals are completed when all the rings are closed which motivates you to be consistent each day.
  • Scroll down to see more details of the total steps, pushes and total distance you covered.
  • All the data is being synced with the Apple Fitness App on iPhone makes it easy to access.
  • It has a summary tab, it has activity and ring progress for the day, to see the trends scroll down, if an arrow is up, you are doing great, if it is going down it shows to take a coaching tip.
  • Close all the rings, win an award and keep track of all.

The Apple Fitness + App:

  • Apple fitness+ app is a subscription-based program. Apple provides one month of free trial and then charges $9.99 per month and $79.99 per year.
  • There are 11 types of workouts that include HIIT, yoga, meditations, stretch and much more.
  • It is available inside the Fitness App on iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs.
  • Real-time metrics are displayed on the screen which motivates you to work out more.
  • There are trainers from all over the world that can serve you the best coaching to achieve your ultimate health.


We have tried our best to show how the Apps that Apple built are important and useful at the same time. We have often heard that due to technology, optimum health is not achieved. 

Some are becoming obese, and having a problem with their eyes due to screen time but here innovation and technology are the boons to this generation where they can track each and every moment of the day. 

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