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AirPods Pro bring the magic of the AirPods family to a new design. Active Noise Cancellation offers immersive sound, continuously adapting to the geometry of your ear and the fit of each AirPod Pro so you can block out the world and focus on what you’re listening to. With Transparency mode, you can stay aware of your surroundings—it’s perfect for hearing everything from traffic while on a run to the announcement of your train stop. Three ear tip sizes offer a more customizable fit for all-day comfort and create an exceptional seal for noise cancellation. And with sweat and water resistance, AirPods Pro are perfect for exercise and an active lifestyle.

Lightning connector

Qi-certified chargers


Active Noise Cancellation

  • Automatically adapts to your ear shape and headphone fit for truly immersive sound
  • Continuously adjusts 200 times per second for real-time noise cancellation—so you can focus on your music, podcasts, and calls

Transparency mode

  • Hear your surroundings as if AirPods Pro weren’t in your ears—stay aware of traffic, hear announcements, and talk with friends without having to pause music or reduce volume
  • Vents in each AirPod equalize the pressure between your ear and the outside world and eliminate unnatural amplification of your voice

Comfortable and innovative design

  • Soft, flexible silicone ear tips come in three sizes
  • Dual optical sensors work with a motion-sensing accelerometer to detect when AirPods Pro are in your ears—so music automatically pauses when you take them out and plays when you put them in
  • Force sensor on the stem provides an intuitive way to control your listening experience and calls

Amazing audio quality

  • Get powerful bass from an Apple-designed high-excursion, low-distortion speaker driver
  • Enjoy pure, incredibly clear sound with a super-efficient high dynamic range amplifier
  • Adaptive EQ fine-tunes audio to your ear shape and ear tip fit
  • Apple H1 headphone chip has 10 audio cores for processing Active Noise Cancellation in real time
  • The H1-based System in Package is designed around the form of the human ear and maximizes the comfort, fit, and stability of AirPods Pro

Outstanding performance

  • Sweat and water resistant, AirPods Pro are perfect for exercise and an active lifestyle
  • Expanded mesh surface covers the outward-facing microphone port for clear calls when you’re in a windy environment
  • For calls and Siri requests, beamforming microphones work with a separate speech-detecting accelerometer to focus on your voice and filter out background noise

Impressive battery life

  • Up to 4.5 hours of listening time or 3.5 hours of talk time on a single charge with Active Noise Cancellation on
  • Up to 5 hours of listening time with Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode off
  • Store and charge your AirPods Pro with the included Wireless Charging Case, which provides multiple charges for more than 24 hours of listening time or more than 18 hours of talk time
  • Just 5 minutes of charge time in the case gives you around 1 hour of listening time or talk time
  • Wireless Charging Case works with Qi-certified chargers and the Lightning connector

Audio Sharing

  • Share a song, podcast, or other audio stream between two sets of AirPods with Audio Sharing

Seamless use with your Apple devices

  • Setup is simple—just open the lid of the AirPods Pro case and hold it close to your iOS or iPadOS device
  • After AirPods connect to your first iOS or iPadOS device, they’re automatically set up for your other devices on your iCloud account, including your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV
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