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iPad mini 6th Generation Review

by Alpesh, 16 Mar 2023

The first mini iPad was released on November 12, 2012. It had the same specifications and the same resolution as the iPad, but with a smaller screen.

The new iPad is much more elegant compared to the simple iPad. It has a sleek look with round corners and 4 gorgeous colours: Pink, Purple, Starlight and Space grey.

Plus, it has a much more powerful chip, the A15 bionic chip, which is best for heavy users and gamers. It's really compact, so it’s comfortable to use. And you can pair a 2nd generation pencil with it, so you can draw, highlight, and scribble with ease. 

iPad mini 6th Generation specification Review



Touch ID:

USB C dominance:

Apple pencil, 2nd generation:

Apple pencil, 2nd generation



Video and camera:

Everything else you need to know:

The iPad mini 6 is a significant improvement over the previous model in terms of performance. With the powerful A15 chip, it is good for the games, especially if you’ve subscribed to Apple arcade.

And even for editing, the mini gives a comfortable size and speed, and with its 8.3-inch display, it gives a better experience than compared to editing on the iPhone 13.

When the iPad is positioned in landscape mode, the stereo speakers become accessible. The speakers aren't quite up to the standards of the iPad Pro, but they're adequate for such a small gadget.


The iPad mini 6 is without a doubt the greatest portable tablet available today. It's a little gadget that can do almost everything well. The iPad mini shines in one area: note-taking.

This is owing to compatibility with the 2nd-generation Apple Pencil, which connects magnetically to the tablet's side. Overall, the iPad mini is an incredible gadget for mobility, and it's essentially the only option for anyone searching for a tiny tablet with industry-leading software that can do quite much everything its more capable siblings can. Because in an equivalent form factor, nothing comes even close to the iPad mini.