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What is better for MBA students, the iPad or the MacBook?

02 Oct 2022

Looking for a portable computer for your MBA studies? You could be tempted by Apple's MacBook Air and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, both of which provide plenty of computing power in a stylish package.

They also have some similarities in terms of specifications: both have a 13-inch screen and operate on Apple's M1 CPU.

However, there are significant distinctions between the two that you should analyse before deciding, the most significant of which is the software that runs each machine. Let's take a look at their strengths and flaws.

Which is better for you, the iPad Pro or the MacBook Air?

Which is better for you, the iPad Pro or the MacBook Air

While both have their advantages, for most students, the MacBook Air is the preferable choice. It may not have as much cutting-edge technology as the iPad Pro, but it does feature a better typing experience, greater storage on the base model, an extra USB-C port, and, most notably, multitasking software.

Because of these benefits, it is a superior option for general work and productivity. The MacBook Air is also far less expensive than an iPad Pro with Apple's Magic Keyboard or even a decently priced third-party keyboard cover.

However, the iPad Pro outperforms the MacBook Air in several categories, but not in the ones that are most critical for schoolwork. The iPad Pro boasts a significantly better selfie camera that keeps you in focus during video chats; a high-quality back camera for capturing photographs and movies; a bright display; and a Face ID.

It's also easier to use because it's designed to be a tablet first and a laptop replacement second. Plus, you can scribble on it with an Apple pencil, the second generation, which cannot be experienced on the MacBook Air.

The Apple Pencil, second generation, magnetically connects to the side and charges. Making notes with an Apple pencil on an iPad is something all the students look forward to while buying an iPad pro. Plus, it offers a really big screen of 12.9 inches, which is almost similar to the MacBook Air.

Specification comparison of iPad Pro and MacBook Air:

Design and dimensions:

macOS and iPadOS:

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MacBook Air keyboard vs. Magic Keyboard: Which Is Better?

The new MacBook Air has a better scissor-switch keyboard, which is far more pleasant to type on than the previous MacBook Air's butterfly keyboard.

Not only does the arrangement provide greater travel (1mm vs. 0.5mm), but it also feels snappier overall. A big 4.75 x 3.2-inch touchpad is also included with the MacBook Air.

The optional Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro has the same scissor mechanism and 1mm of travel as the MacBook Air and gives a similar typing experience.

The Magic Keyboard's floating cantilever design magnetically holds the iPad Pro, allowing you to alter the display angle up to 130 degrees. 


The MacBook Air is the best pick for people looking for a college computer because of its more productivity-friendly software, stronger keyboard, extended battery life, and mobility.

When it comes to display and camera quality, the iPad Pro beats the MacBook Air, and it has a far more adaptable design that can be used as a laptop or tablet. However, for students, the areas where the MacBook Air outperforms the iPad Pro are even more significant.

But IPad Pro has one advantage over the MacBook Air, which is the Apple pencil. Your apple pencil can be one of the most useful gadgets for students. Your bag will just turn into 1.4 pounds. Plus, you can do a lot of other activities in your free time.