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M1 Chip Vs. M2 Chip

29 Oct 2022

Apple announced its new silicon chip called the M2 chip on July 6 2022, a successor to the M1 chip family. And a step forward in Apple’s Plan to introduce its chip.

It’s a remarkable evolution of the M1 chip, which was introduced in 2020. And in Addition M1 Pro, M1 Pro Max and M1 ultra chip were introduced. M1 family blew us away at how drastically it changed MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

The M2 chip has a lot of improvements over the M1 chip. M2 gives Massive Power and updates to the new MacBook Air M2 chip and MacBook Pro M2 chip.  

Apple Silicon's second generation has arrived. In the Mac range and beyond, the M2 SOC is Apple's consumer update of the M1 SOC from 2020. Here's how the two processors stack up—and what it signifies for future Macs. 


The New MacBook Air M2 chip has 8 CPU cores while the MacBook Air with M1 chip had 2 options of 7 core CPU 8 core CPU. And M2 MacBook Air offers 8-10 GPU cores and the M1 MacBook Air had 8 cores. Both have 16 core neural engines. M1 MacBook Air has 16 billion transistors and the M2 MacBook Air has 20 Billion transistors. M1 MacBook Air had 68 GB/s memory bandwidth and M2 MacBook Air has 100 GB/S memory bandwidth. The MacBook M2 chip is priced higher than the MacBook M1 chip. It delivers 50 percent more bandwidth when compared to the M1 chip.

Apple claims that the new M2 chip has 20 billion transistors, which is around 25% more than the original M1 but significantly less than the M1 Pro (33.7 billion transistors) or M1 Max (33.7 billion transistors) (57 billion transistors). The M2 chip is built with “second generation five nanometer technology” like the M1 chip only. That explains why even though the M1 chip and M2 chip have the same efficiency cores and same high-performance cores but still, M2 give better performance. It can be configured up to 24GB Ram and it is also available in 16GB RAM and 8GB RAM version. 

Apple says GPU performance is 35 per cent better when compared to M1 chip, 40 per cent faster neural engine And Apple claims that it shows 25 percent better performance when compared to M1 chip. 25 percent more cores and 25 percent more performance, who could’ve thought? Apple claims that it is 2.3 times faster than the Intel i7 chip. The CPU in the M2 gives roughly double the performance at the same power level as the newest 10-core PC laptop chip. M2 also uses a fraction of the power of a PC processor while delivering the same peak performance When comparison to the latest 12-core PC laptop processor, which requires significantly more power to give an increase in performance and thus is found in thicker, hotter, noisy environment systems with shorter battery capacity, M2 delivers nearly 90% of the peak efficiency of the 12-core chip while using only a quarter of the power. The shared L2 cache on the performance cores has been increased from 12MB to 16MB, and the clock rates have been increased somewhat. It supports H.264 and HEVC up to 8K resolution encoding and decoding, as well as ProRes video acceleration.

Memory comparison:

M1 chip peak memory bandwidth is 68GB/s and M2 chip peak memory bandwidth is 100GB/s. with that M2 offers 24GB of RAM while M1 only offered 8GB and 16GB. But 8GB option and 16GB option are still available with the M2 chip. With higher performance per watt, the M2 chip allows intensive tasks to run coolly. The neural engine can Process 15.8 trillion operations per second. Apple's senior vice president of Hardware Technologies, Johny Srouji, remarked, "M2 kicks off the second generation of M-series CPUs and goes beyond the extraordinary characteristics of M1." M2 also features 10 core GPU, and 2 more cores than M1.