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Apple Pencil: All You Need To Know....!!

02 Oct 2022

Touch is the primary method of interaction with the iPad. To enhance the possibility of multitouch and achieve a new level of precision with the iPad Pro, Apple has designed the Apple Pencil.

They re-engineered the touch subsystem of the display to measure both fingers and stylus in the same plane with optimal accuracy.

When we write on the iPad, the system will scan twice as often, allowing the iPad to capture more in a single stroke. There are highly responsive sensors built into the tip of the Apple Pencil that work with the iPad display to detect position, force, and tilt. 

In what versions Apple Pencil is available?

Apple Pencil 1 vs 2

Apple pencil comes with two versions: 1. First generation. 2. Second generation.

Apple Pencil 1 compatible with:

The second generation Apple Pencil is compatible with following iPads:

Let us talk about some amazing features of Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd generation:

What you can do with Apple Pencil?

While writing with the Apple Pencil, you are able to do following things:

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